Pyrolyser with Horizontal Burner

Pyrolyser with Horizontal Burner Alex English March 24, 2000

The following three images relate to single experiment. The goal was to set up a forced air burner for the gasses from a top-down pyrolyser. This is a concept which could be scaled up for firing a conventional boiler, kiln or __________(you fill in the blank).

A twenty litre pail was two thirds filled with dry wood pellets and lit on top. After a few minutes to allow the fire to spread evenly over the surface, the lid and burner were put in place. This extingushes the flame in the can, but it is relit in the burner. During the start up phase the paint on the top portion of the can was blackend. The painted portion corresponds to the depth of the pellet fuel at start up. For the following couple of hours the pellets pyrolysed into charcoal without burning the paint on the can. This test lasted about two ladies air max invigor pink dress code Shadow Pale Ivory Celestial Gold CI0919-101 – Buy Best Price Adidas&Nike Sport Sneakers