Sheet Steel version of the Everything Nice Stove

Nathaniel Mulcahy, January 2010

Attached are the photos of Mr. Ronald Watts' version of our EverythingNice Stove. A version of which we are now rushing for the Haitian relief efforts to provide clean water. More later

yours, Nat

Dear Nathaniel

Here a a few photos from the successful construction and operation of the stove. Because I had no suitable vessels, I built them from sheet steel. It operates quite well, and is a good prototype for a larger model

Many thanks
Ronald Watts

Nathaniel Mulcahy wrote:
Dear Dr Watts,
Here are your Everythingnice Stove planes, as requested. All we ask in return is that you send us a photo or two of your final version (best of all if running and with you in the shot) for our web page. We will be making a gallery of photos just for people like you who have asked for the plans.

Have fun, looking forward to hearing how it comes out.

NathanielAir Force 1 Sage Low