Domestic WoodGas Cooking

Domestic Woodgas Cooking
Tom Reed, Biomass Energy foundation (BEF), June 1, 2007

The Domestic WoodGas stove, used since ~1999

Dear Paul and All:

You are mostly correct that the people who need the WoodGas (TLUD) stove the most don't know about it, and those who know are campers, not real continuing cookers.

However, Linda and Steve Schwein in Ward Colorado (our local "undeveloped country" test lab) have been cooking for 5 years on a three burner "apartment style" TLUD that Steve and Ron Carter designed. Ward is at 10,000 ft and most of the citizens eschew phones, computers, electric power and similar evil conveniences.

Steve is a carpenter and so has access to all kinds of scrap wood. The stove is triangular and has a nice copper hood over the top. Air is delivered from a small 12 V blower (not fan) run from a car battery. We try to visit every year and have coffee made on the stove. Very nice people.

Tom Reed BEF

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Air controls to the stove

Baking stove in place

Another test stove, note Radio Shack 12 V blower

Folding baking oven

Two burner stove

Their "Sushi" stove for making coffee at their shop

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