Fish Smoker References

Fish Smoker References
Andrew Parker, May 10, 2007

Chorkor oven being used for bonga at Bonfi (Conakry, Guinea)Chorkor oven being used for bonga at Bonfi (Conakry, Guinea)

"Improved Chorkor oven" in Kafountine (Senegal)"Improved Chorkor oven" in Kafountine (Senegal)

I finally got around to putting together a list of references for fish smokers used in West Africa. Most address the Chorkor Smoker. The other improved smokers mentioned are the GRATIS and NIOMR smokers.

I checked some of the links, but I am not sure if they are all still active.

Andrew Parker
Images from Efut Inwang "Team Report" attached.

Fish Smokers (mostly Chorkor):


Efut Inwang _ Team Report 4-26-06.doc (MS Word 222kb)

GRATIS design of the Chorkur Smoker that uses clean-burning fuel (LPG
gas) and smoke from agricultural biproducts. (pdf)

and ALLAFRICA, requires subscription.

A practical guide to improved fish smoking in West Africa (pdf 1.3 MB)

A Case Study of Chorkor Women.pdf (199 kb)

Chorkor-Banda Hybrid.pdf (370 kb)

Contribution of the Chorkor.pdf (385 kb)

The Chorkor Fish Smoking Method.pdf (482 kb)

Fish Smoking Trials Using the Chorkor Oven.pdf (875 kb)

The Acceptability of the Chorkor Oven.pdf (384 kb)

Chorkor Project Questions.rtf (1.06 MB)

Mangrove Action project (MAP)

PHConceptsWorkshopReportdraft1c.pdf (363 kb)">

Cameroon Wildlife Conservation Society

Comparative proximate composition, physical and sensory evaluation of fish smoked with sawdust and firewood using improved Chorkor oven, Lagos, Nigeria

Processing Fish: Nigeria

Chorkor smoker, an efficient post-harvest processing technique, Africa

Improved fish smoking: Ghana

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