Burning charcoal- UMC-CH1 Charcoal Burner Module

Burning charcoal- UMC-CH1 Charcoal Burner Module
Lanny Henson May 13 2006

Stove Friends, thank you for your intelligent and useful comments.

I have added an inner and outer (double wall) shell to the simple two can burner to make a burner module.

I salvaged an A- outer and B-inner shell from a previous stove to hold E-the simple two can charcoal burner.

I added two tin can combustion air controls C&D. The F- simple folded bar grate sits on G- 2 wires from a bucket handle.

This made a burner module. UMC-CH1

I added a bucket lid to the burner and set a bucket on top as a draft body; this is where a heat-utilizing module will set. It can be a sunken pot, a grill, a pan, griddle or a water heater.

I used 20 grams of paper (about one full sheet of news print) to fire the charcoal. In 7 minutes it began to flame in the hole (X). I heard it ignite with a puff. Moisture was still being vaporized from the briquettes, as there was white vapor smoke. I was surprised that there was flame before all the moisture had been driven out.

In 10 minuets I closed the air controls and left one cracked. In 30 min it seemed to be burning too fast, I was trying to burn slowly to test it turned down. The draft body was too powerful so I removed it. The charcoal continued to burn for 1.5 more hours that is 2 hours total. A heat-utilizing module could help slow the burn and prevent oxygen from blowing in from the top of the burner.

I am also pleased with the ease of start and the stable wide base and the way the grate clears itself with no ash buildup. I have used the same grate several times with charcoal and it is holding up very well. It is going to be a lot more durable than I thought.


So now I need heat-utilizing modules!

A lot of different types of burners could use an outer and inner shell to make a stable wide base insulated stove/burner body.

Also maybe someone could use some of these parts and methods to make a batch load top lit burner that will burn small wood or wood chips.

How about a Rocket Burner module?

Also please copy my work and verify my results.

Lanny Henson

The wire frame turned cherry red or about 700degC but the charcoal glowed a light orange to yellow color.
See this Color chart for steel when heated.

Why the flame?
Maybe some steel is oxidizing or the air flow was just better with the steel wire frame.
I will carefully maintain the same dia hole, with and with out the frame and see.
I have often lit my grilling charcoal in a charcoal starter chimney, by maintaining a hole in the center. The hole allows airflow otherwise blocked by the charcoal and it starts faster. So I have seen fire in the hole many times but I have never seen the continuous steady flames before using this wire frame. Something is different!
It could be: the frame simply maintained a larger hole; or reduced the friction, or had some sort of catalytic effect or It could have just been the wind.

Lanny Henson

See discussion May 2006

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