Solar cooking in Europe and USA

I want to share with you some data abaut solar cookers in europe!
Information from: Solar cooking Atlas ( and ID Cook (

**What is a solar cooker?**

It is not so complicated, a solar cooker, or solar oven is a box which uses the energy of sunlight to cook meal or sterilize.

Lot of solar cookers presently in use are relatively cheap. Because they don't need fuel and work only with sun energy, many associations are promoting their use all oven the world in order to reduce fuel expenses for low-income families. Using solar ovens also reduce air pollution, caused by use of firewood for cooking. Cooking with a solar oven is a form of outdoor cooking and is generally used when it is dangerous to cook because of high risk of accidental fires.

**Which are the advantages of using a sun oven**

Solar cookers use no fuel, that means that solar cookers do not need to work or pay for firewood, or other fossil energies.

Solar ovens attain temperatures of up to 160 deg.C, so it is also possible to boil water or cooking most foods that what is possible with a normal stove, from baked bread to roasted chicken. Since solar ovens are placed outside, they don't produce heat inside kitchen. Also solar cookers don't produce pollution.

**Disadvantages of cooking with a solar oven**

Solar ovens can't be used in cloudy weather so some hybrid backup heat source in these conditions.

Solar cookers take more time to cook food than a normal oven. Using a solar cooker therefore requires that cooking a cake be started some hours before the lunch. However, it requires less attention, so this is often considered a good trade-off.Air Jordan 1