ican TLUD 7" tall pineapple juice can side view

This iCan is made from a 7" tall pineapple juice can. The lines mark off a bottom third for fuel, a middle third for the wood gas zone, and a top third for the combustion of the wood gas. Fuel load turns out to be just one pint of wood pellets.

Primary and secondary air holes are made with nail punches. Small yellow one for primary, NOT pushed all the way through, and larger red one, pushed all the way through, for secondary. The mall punch also used to make first guide holes as well.

The secondary air holes are a tight fit for a #2 pencil.

All iCan TLUDs are divided into three parts. Much like Gaul -- if you remember your Julius Caesar.

I have used this 3 section iCan plan on cans as small as 4.5 inches tall. Works great. The design seems able to scale well.


ican_DSC0949.jpgAir Max