Sharing information and communicating knowledge: Boiling Point 51 January 2006

Sharing information and communicating knowledge: Boiling Point 51 January 2006
Liz Bates, Practical Action


Theme editorial: sharing information and communicating knowledge Lucky Lowe
The Upesi rural stoves project Vincent Okello
HEDON - the household energy network Grant Ballard-Tremeer
Locally-made solar panels for small appliances John Keane
Sharing knowledge and spreading information using the Internet. The case of the web portal Wim Klunne
Promoting solar cookers through the Solar Cookers International Ramon Coyle
Improved cookstove technology for rural livelihoods for women: sharing experiences from Haryana - India R.C. Pal and K.S. Sethi
Improved cookstove dissemination: Experience from Andhara Pradesh, India C. J. Jalajakshi

GTZ pages Editor: Agnes Klingshirn
HERA - your GTZ support for Household Energy Verena Brinkmann - GTZ
The ROCKET is launched in Southern Africa! Paul Mushamba
New Rocket stove design from Uganda Peter Scott
Household energies to improve the quality of life for rural communities in the Tibetan Highlands Agnes Klingshirn

Financing watermill upgrades: the business case for scaling up through banking support B. Parthan
Who benefits from solar home systems in Southern India? Kunal Mehta
The human and livelihoods cost of fuel-switching in Addis Ababa Melessaw Shanko and Jonathan Rouse
Consensus reached by participants at the International Workshop on Rural Energy, Stoves, and Indoor Air Quality in China Kirk R. Smith et al.
Monitoring the charcoal production of an area under a sustainable licensing system in Masindi district, Uganda Stijn Cleemput, Caroline Moreau and Cornelia Sepp
High altitude smokeless metal stove research and development Kanchan Rai, A. Zahnd and J.K. Cannell
What's happening in household energy? Practical Action & GVEP newsNike Air Zoom Pegasus