Understanding Briquetting (Technical Paper #31 VITA)

Good article regarding briquetting by Mac Cosgrove-Davies

In many parts of the world, the primary source of energy for such
vital activities as cooking and space heating is burning wood and
other agricultural products. An increasing population using a
dwindling resource of combustible biomass materials will eventually
result in a shortage of those materials unless steps are
taken to reverse the trend.

One means of making more efficient use of existing resources is
through the use of briquetting. Briquetting involves collecting
combustible materials that are not usable due to a lack of density,
and compressing them into a solid fuel of a convenient
shape that can be burned like wood or charcoal. Materials such as
sawdust, wood bark, rice husks, and straw have been successfully

During the first and second World Wars, households in several
European countries employed a simple lever-operated briquetting
press that used soaked waste paper and other combustible domestic
waste as a feed stock. Today's industrial briquetting machines,
although much larger and more complex, operate on the same general
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