Low Smoke Chulha

The Low Smoke Chulha has been enabled by Philips Design in close co-operation with NGOs, self-help groups, local entrepreneurs and potential users. Low Smoke Chulha provides a safer home environment for families, reduces the risk of respiratory illness, and supports indigenous ways of cooking. The Low Smoke Chulha is not only smokeless but also helps every household save 10 kilos of firewood each house each day which is 4 tones of firewood a year!

See our page: http://www.lowsmokechulha.com/

Majority of rural Indian population do not have access to cooking gas or cannot afford it. They depend on Chulha to cook their daily food. Women and Children are the primary users of Chulha. A traditional Chulha consumes about 15 kilos of firewood everyday and emits a lot of smoke, latarn which leads to indoor pollution causing respiratory problems, coughing, burning eyes to the users.

The site http://www.lowsmokechulha.com/ provides a platform where NGOs can connect to each other, share knowledge and insights and collaborate to deploy the Chulha in developing countries. The Low Smoke Chulha can be produced and assembled locally with the help of resources and information available on the site. It offers contact information of experienced entrepreneurs, mold and stove makers that have successfully installed Low Smoke Chulhas in communities.Nike