GTZ Probec Protos Stove Tests Tanzania

GTZ Probec Protos Stove Tests Tanzania
Christa Roth, GTZ Probec, September 26, 2006

To give feedback on the Bosch-Siemens PROTOS plant oil stove when using Jatropha oil:
The long term test of the Jatropha oil being used in the BSH stove is currently under way in Tanzania in cooperation with GTZ-ProBEC. Preliminary tests are giving very positive results, even though with Jatropha oil being produced on small scale. Purity of the oil seems to play a crucial role, but we will be able to tell more early 2007.
The stove is designed for using straight plant oils, no need to convert them into Biodiesel. However, Biodiesel can also be used.

Christa Roth
Regional Coordinator Malawi - Tanzania - Zambia
Programme for Biomass Energy Conservation in Southern Africa

in Zambia:
c/o GTZ office, Private Bag RW37x, Plot No. 6469 Kariba Road, Kalundu, Lusaka
Tel +260 1 2919 -18 / 19 / 20, Fax +260 1 291 946

in Malawi:
c/o Info Centre for Food&Fuel Security Promotion Mulanje
P.O. Box 438, Mulanje, Malawi, Phone +265-1-466 279, Fax -466 435

Mobile Phones (only available when I am in the respective country):
Zambia +260 97 207 870, Malawi +265 8 860 936, Tanzania +255 787 20 10 15
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<p>Dear Christa Roth,</p> <p>Dear Mmadame,<br /> We are interested with Protos stove, could you inform<br /> the specification in details?<br /> Where we can get it for our study?<br /> Thanks.</p>

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