Fuel Composition-Conversion and Equivalence Ratio Diagrams

The Fuel Composition-Conversion Diagram (pdf)
The Equivalence Ratio: The Key to Understanding Pyrolysis, Combustion and Gasification of fuels (pdf)
Tom Reed, Biomass Energy Foundation July 4, 2006

Most of us live in the real world of muddy fuels and facts. A few live in the world of theory. As an inventor, I live on the border between the two. I have written about and used thermodynamics, but I also know plumbing, engines etc. The combination can be powerful.

Most of those who use the REPP sites (fortunately) live in the real world. However, I think they would like also to have a mental picture of the theoretical basis of what they are doing to aid their thinking. It is important to think "outside the box", but only after you know most of what is "inside the box".

I believe it would be useful for the gasification, stove, and possibly other sites to have access to this simple theoretical background. I am attaching two diagrams with explanations of their use that I believe would be generally very helpful to our real world friends. I'll also post them on our website.

Yours truly,


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