FAO Forests and Energy 20 Nov 2007

FAO Forests and Energy 20 Nov 2007
Special Event

Statements and speeches

The following statements were delivered at the Special Event on Forests and Energy, 20 November 2007.

The language of the statement is as delivered. Courtesy translations are attached where such have been provided to the Secretariat.
# Welcome Address by the Director-General of FAO
# Keynote Address by H.E. Pedro Verona Rodrigues Pires, President of the Republic of Cape Verde (Portuguese / French courtesy translation)
# Opening Statements by Co-Chairs:

- H.E. Henri Djombo, Minister for Forestry, Republic of Congo
- H.E. Martins Roze, Minister for Agriculture, Republic of Latvia

# Presentation by the Assistant Director-General, Forestry Department of FAO, on “The impacts of increased energy demands on forests”
# Interventions by country delegations in order of delivery:

* Japan
* Malaysia
* Sudan
* Burkina Faso
* United Republic of Tanzania
* Venezuela
* Mauritania
* Iraq
* Slovenia
* Chad
* Zambia
* Myanmar
* South Africa
* Philipines
* Mali
* Cote d'Ivoire
* Kenya
* Finland
* New Zealand
* Indonesia
* Brazil
* Morocco
* Haiti
* Thailand
* Afghanistan (The delegation of Afghanistan was not able to present orally its statement to the meeting, but handed the attached copy to the secretariat for record purpose.)

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