Stoves Comparisons

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott

> It is a spreadsheet and a PDF with explanations and caveats. There could always be more. Testing stoves is a messy business.
So, don't read too much into any particular test, though they were chose to be representative of the technologies involved. It is expected that during the next three years we will make improvements on all of them. The ignition of the stoves involves 'technique' and as those skills are developed and transferred, we expect even better performance.

> You will see that two classes of stove, TLUD and Crossdraft, are consistently performing well no makes who makes it. I have not been making downdraft stoves for this market but will do so from July. That will bring in another strong contender into the 99% reduction class.
> It is not clearly stated that the stoves are developed for a particular fuel (lignite from Nalaikh Mine). They can be adapted to any fuel as far as I understand things. We are going to try goat dung during the coming year.
Dung burners: don't forget we are going to work out something for Central Asia!