Original Kenyan energy saving stove Q & A session with the Juhudi Clubs "Growing up Green" Event

A energy saving stove and tree seed lecture at the Juhidi Children's Club, "Growing up Green Childrens Camp" Nairobi School Aug. 2011
During this camp, Juhidi Children's Club hosted 314 children from all the 8 provinces in Kenya for five days where they got the opportunity to share and learn about the current environmental conservation and preservation trends. Through this we believe that we helped them to understand the role they can play in their local communities in the conservation of the environment and from this they pledged to be environmental ambassadors who will facilitate countunity of and introduction of good environmental practices from the vast knowledge they got.

There is no doubt that there is a huge need in sensitizing the young generation on the benefits of environmental conservation as well as highlighting the benefits and opportunities available.
the seed-to-ash cycle of renewable energy display table

Q & A session with some of the students

keeping everyones hands warm on a cold nairobi morning

a double boiler making tea.

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