Natural Blow by Natural Draft: Deom Turbo Chaudiere

Martin Boll, Germany, November 2005

To all,

interested in blow and draft.

I found a website you possibly don't know. I like to call this stoves

principle: "natural blow by natural draft"

Have a look to the page. It's in French, but there are pictures, simply to understand.

(This is a more recent example: )

I addition: In sub-sites there are big-scale stoves for different use, as paper-burning, air-heating, water-warming.

-Blow created by draft, no engines

-Blow against the flame, preheated by gasses

Isn't it fine, simple "low-tech"?

What do you think about it?

Can we profit from these principles in small stoves?

Deom Turbo Website:


1. SORTIE CHEMINEE CHIMNEY EXIT Ausgang Schornstein uitlaat schorsteen
2. REGULATEUR THERMOSTATIQUE THERMOSTATIC REGULATOR thermostatischer Regler thermoststische regelaar
3. ADMISSION D'AIR DU TURBO TURBO AIR INLET Luftzufluss des Turbo ufttoevoer van turbo
4. COUVERCLE DE CHARGEMENT LOADING DOOR Beschickungsdeckel beladingsdeksel
5. CASQUETTE ISOLANTE AVEC FIBRE DE CERAMIQUE CERAMIC FIBER INSULATION isolierende Haube mit Keramikfasern isoleerende mantel met keramische veezels
6. TURBO (1 ou plusieurs) TURBO (ONE OR MORE) Turbo (1 oder mehrere) turbo (1 of meer)
7. FOYER FURNACE Brennkammer brandkamer
8. TOLE DE PAROI DE FOYER METAL FURNACE LINING Innenblech der Brennkammer binnenblek van de brandkamer
9. SERPENTIN DE CUIVRE COPPER COIL Kupferschlange koperen slang
10. ISOLATION COMPLETE EN LAINE DE ROCHE ROCKWOOL INSULATION Komplettisolation aus Steinwolle kompleet isolatie van steenwol
11. JAQUETTE JACKET Mantel mantel
12. ORIFICE DE NETTOYAGE ASH DOOR Reinigungsöffnung reinigingsopening

By the way, the high-tech chicken seems to be great.

I'll add some nature-tech desert:

Take the "skin" of an untreated orange. Take the white partly away.

Cut it first in stripes of 1 to 1.5mm then the stripes in squares of the same size. Put it in a jelly-glas, add 2 to 3 light mounted soupspoons sugar. Close the glass and shake. Put into the fridge for at least 3 days (

It can rest some months),

add a small teaspoon to your vanilla-ice-cream, to get flavoured.

Don't discuss before testing!

Have good ideas by tasting "coupe Martin"

Interested to hear your meanings

Martin Boll Air Max