Jock Gill TLUD: Design & method for updraft vents for 3 lbs Cosco coffee can

Jock Gill, March 2009

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Measure circumference with a cloth tape as per the Sweet 16 1 qt. can
Divide this by 9
Use the cloth tape to mark off the 1/9 distance around the can bottom.
Connect the dots .. etc. Use as guide for can opener work.

This can, used in a C3 TLUD, loaded with about 4 lbs of wood pellets, will burn about 85 minutes +/- 5 minutes.
It will easily boil 500 ml of cold water in 8.5 minutes +/-.
The C3 TLUD produces a LOT of energy and should be used with care.

Pictures of the 3 cans used to create the C3 TLUD, and the C3 in action, to follow.

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