Further Adventures of Greenie

George Riegg, Greenie © For a Greenie-er Happier, Healthier Gambia
November, 2009

It's been just over a year now that you first kindly posted my "Greenie" concept paper. (Introducing Greenie )

Well, sometimes good things take their time especially if you have to work with very limited resources. But believe and perseverance finally have paid off !!!! :o)

With a local teachers association as lead agency and me acting as project developer and manager we have been awarded a small grant of US$ 10,000 under the UNDP GEF SGP to run a trial of our Greenie book dissemination initiative
- the little thing has been turned from a product into a teaching aid !

"This project has been conceptualised by the Artist and the Project Developer. To build the framework and implementation structure many local partners have contributed in the hope and believe that this way of dissemination and awareness building will make a real long lasting impact at every level of the community.


At a project cost of US$ 2.00 per book 5,000 young children, their families and their communities can be reached. When implemented with care and skill it will help to improve many aspects of their way of life and their understanding and interaction with their environment."

I do realise that it is totally off-topic in the stoves list but in the end if it improves livelihoods it is well within the spirit of all our efforts.

I would be grateful if you could post it on the stove site - it's just great to share a success however small and others may benefit from what we have learned so far and will learn during the project period.

Thanks in anticipation

George and Greenie
and Caroczel the artist

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