Electricity from Biomass - the 2011 GEK Power Pallet

Jim Mason, May, 2011

The GEK Power Pallet, is everything you need to go from woody chips to electricity on a shippable pallet. It's built in California, and it's designed with the non-technical user in mind. It's designed for hands-off power generation, and the attached 2011 ALL Power Labs catalog shows schematics and details.

The current batch is using the new GEK stainless reactor (now standard with all kits) and a new stainless filter custom built for the Power Pallet. The ejector gas drive is now gone and in its place a new dual premixed blower with tall stack and auto-ignition element to ease start up, and keep all nasties well overhead during the process. Keeping operators away from potential CO exposure during start is proving important for regular use by amateurs. A pipe skyward with flame (hopefully) is proving not enough.

In between the new shiny things you might also notice the new ruggedized wiring harness in metal conduit, stainless flex tube gas distribution, and aluminized nomex insulation cozies to keep the TOTTI hotter, and improved control software.

Lovers of stainless among us will be pleased to hear the optional stainless version of the GEK is now the new standard.

As of May 2011 we're delivering the GEK in both raw kit form, and full Power Pallet form, with a 304ss reactor and gas cowling vessels. The rest of the pieces are still a mix of stainless and mild steel as use specifics require and/or allow.『アディダス』に分類された記事一覧