Basintuthu 2 Pot Stove and Baking Oven

Developed by New Dawn Engineering

Available through Afreca (the Association for Renewable Energy Cooking Appliances)

The design incorporates the Basintuthu fire grate and adds a novel air control. The result is a well proportioned, remarkably fuel-efficient stove. Weighing in at 40 Kg it features a 6mm steel plate top, all welded construction, two pot holes (185mm and 155mm diameter), an oven (400 x 315 x 200mm) to bake bread (3 loaves) muffins (12 x 2) and patty cakes (up to 36). It has one metre removable chimney at the back.

Loaded with 250 to 1000 grammes of large weeds, twigs or branches, the oven typically reaches 180 degrees in 20 minutes. With a medium-full firebox at an ambient temperature of 25 deg C. The oven can reach 180 deg C in 10 minutes. To keep it below 200 deg C it is necessary to run on about 5% air at the opening. A steel handle running along each side enables the stove to be moved easily. These also serve as towel racks or to mount an optional hot water tank.
Supplier: New Dawn EngineeringSneakers Nike