The 2010 ETHOS Conference

The 2010 ETHOS Conference is being held in Kirkland, Washington, on January 29th ~ 31st, 2010.

The 2010 ETHOS Conference aims to expand its reach from previous annual meetings, encouraging participation of Southern partners, international stoves experts, and development specialists with field experience in the transfer of cooking technologies.

2010 ETHOS Conference & Registration on their website

Conference Themes

* Lab research, including: insulative materials, efficiency testing, emissions monitoring, safety updates and design issues, gasifier advances, hayboxes/insulative cookers, solar cookers.
* Field experience, including monitoring of: performance, indoor air pollution exposure, health impacts, user satisfaction, time and socio-economic impacts; awareness raising; stove promotion; involvement of volunteers and local universities; lessons and modification to approaches.
* Efficiency versus effectiveness, and resulting design implications.
* Technology standards: key parameters, constraints.
* Policy issues: role of U.S. partnerships and international donors, country-level leadership, subsidies versus commercialization.

Who Should Participate

* Researchers, scholars, scientists
* Governmental and non-governmental organizations
* Policy makers
* Students
* Other interested parties from various Northern and Southern organizations/institutions

We especially encourage participation in this conference by Southern partiesZapatillas de baloncesto Nik