Boiling Point Issue 52

Boiling Point Issue 52 from Practical Action is available on the HEDON website (1.8 MB pdf)


Theme editorial: Household energy for life by Eva Rehfuess and Nigel Bruce
Update on the health and climate impacts of household solid fuels by Kirk R. Smith
Spreading innovative biomass stove technologies through China and beyond by Laura Spautz, Dana Charron and JoAnn Dunaway, Hao Fangzhou and Chen Xiaofu
Pollution factors affecting health and safety in rural Zimbabwe by Davidzo Muchawaya
Protecting children from indoor air pollution exposure through outdoor cooking in rural South Africa by Brendon Barnes, Angela Mathee, Nigel Bruce and Liz Thomas
Direct contact hazards of cookstoves: Burns, cuts, and scalds by Nathan G. Johnson and Mark Bryden
Introducing alcohol stoves to refugee communities; a case study from Kebrebeyah, Ethiopia by Cheryl O’Brien
GTZ HERA convened the African ‘stove community’ for a second meeting on household energy by Dr Marlis Kees
The Inkawasi Stove: A success story in the Peruvian Andes Editor: Agnes Klingshirn
Mass dissemination of Rocket Lorena stoves in Uganda by Rosette Komuhangi
Household energy, indoor air pollution and health at the 14th session of the UN Commission for Sustainable Development
The effect of ventilation on carbon monoxide and particulate levels in a test kitchen by Dean Still and Nordica MacCarty
Methanol stoves for indoor air pollution reduction in Delta State Nigeria – adressing the needs of people for clean energy by Joe Obueh
Solar cooking and health by Darwin O’Ryan Curtis
Fuel briquettes from waste by Sanu Kaji Shrestha
Charcoal making from agricultural residues by S. Ganesan and B. P. Nema
What’s happening in household energy?
Energy news from Practical Action
Air Force 1