Aprovecho Stove Camp 2007 UPDATE

Aprovecho Stove Camp 2007 UPDATE: 6-12-2007
Jeremy Roth, Aprovecho Research Center, June 12, 2007

The 2007 Aprovecho Stove Camp is almost 1 month away! We have reserved a group campsite at Dorena Lake (where Dean keeps his sailboat) just outside of Cottage Grove. If you plan on attending Stove Camp, and would like to stay at the campsite (cheaper than a hotel, and much more scenic), please contact Jeremy at Aprovecho to reserve a spot. Total cost per person is $40 for 5 nights. We have the site reserved from 7-15 through 7-19. There are also hotels in Cottage Grove and Creswell for approx. $60 - $100 /night.

Cost for the Stove Camp is $100 for students. $200-$500 for others (Sliding Scale)
Please contact us to sign up!

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The Aprovecho Stove Camp is a chance for people interested and involved in the research, design, construction, and dissemination of biomass cooking stoves to come together for a hands on collaborative event. Participants will discuss, design, build, and test cook stoves in Aprovecho's laboratory. Sessions for newcomers and stove veterans will run concurrently.

There will be a two day "Introduction to Almost Everything about Stoves"
(Monday-Tuesday) for those who could use a comprehensive but quick summary.
It will be taught by Aprovecho staff and others. A parallel session will run
at the same time.

The theme of second session is:
A competition to combine heat transfer and combustion efficiency resulting
in the most fuel efficient, least polluting, most cost effective, best liked
natural draft cooking system (Stove/Pot). (No hayboxes) PRIZE OF $250. And a
beautiful award. Stoves should be designed and built on site.

Stoves will be tested under the emission hood. And by local cooks.
Winner determined by votes from participants.

Photos and descriptions of the cooking systems and results will be published
on the biomass website www.bioenergylists.orgAir Jordan 1