Uganda: Ssebunya Uses Banana Peelings to Make Charcoal

Uganda: Ssebunya Uses Banana Peelings to Make Charcoal
Carol Natukunda, Kampala, New Vision (Kampala) March 5, 2007 Posted to the web March 6, 2007

Proscovia Ssebunya was the second runner-up in the New Vision Woman Achiever's Award 2007. Carol Natukunda visited her at her home in Kyebando to see what she does to tackle the energy problem and conserve the environment ...

Things we deem impossible can, many times, be very easy to achieve. The news that you can make charcoal out of banana peelings made Proscovia Ssebunya laugh in disbelief.

"I thought it just couldn't be. Imagine peelings, mere peelings!" she recalls of her skepticism then.

That was way back in 1995 while working with Black Power Limited, an energy saving company based in Kasangati, on Gayaza Road.

"I had a colleague who had just returned from abroad on a study course on energy. He told us you could actually use coffee husks or banana peelings to make charcoal briquettes. At first it didn't make much sense, but when we did the experiment, I knew it was the way to go," she says.

Ssebunya then decided to adopt the new technology which she has used for about 12 years now. As she explains, the experiment is a lot more affordable for an average family.

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