Wood Gas Lantern

Wood Gas Lantern
Alex English, August 23, 2006

Wood Gas LanternWood Gas Lantern

This lantern burns orange with 4 or 5% O2 and less than 10ppm CO in the stack, or with extra air, the flame turns blueish and shortens (premixed) with 8% O2 and 100ppm CO. It lasts around 3 hours on wood pellets.

The "blue" movies don't show up well. Only where the flame has greatest density does the camera pick it up. There is actually a lot more blue "vapour" than it shows.
One is taken burning smokey wood gas the other is burning CO at the end when the burner becomes an updraft charcoal gasifier.

Wood Gas Lantern BlueWood Gas Lantern Blue
Wood Gas Lantern FullWood Gas Lantern Full

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