China: Hangzhou Stand Alone Micro Gasifier

Stand Alone Micro Gasifier (HEDON)
Robert Flanagan, Hangzhou Sustainable Agricultural Food & Fuel Enterprise Co., Ltd., China, February 13, 2007

Hangzhou Micro GasifierHangzhou Micro Gasifier

These are a few photos of a stand alone micro gasifier that cuts about 70% of fuel need for domestic cooking. This unit boiled 9L of water with less than 500g of wood and has a run time of about fifty minutes.

The basic principle behind this gasifier is convection driven downdraft gasification. The biggest advantage of using downdraft is that you get water gas + wood gas when the water (H2O) passes through high temperature carbon (C) it cracks the water in to H2+CO (syngas).

The best feedstock is biomass with a moisture content between 15-25% 20% being optimum. Dr. Zhong from China National Research Center of Bamboo and myself hope to travel to Africa mid year to do a follow up demonstration of this stove so I'll be happy to keep you informed as to the outcome.

This technology is far from new but it never hurts to take a look back once in a while.


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