By Dr. Larry Winiarski

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1.     Donít heat more wood than you are burning. Donít heat too much wood (surface area).


2.     Get the right amount of air. Not too much, not too little.


3.     Air should enter with velocity. Like blowing on the coals.


4.     Air/fuel/air/fuelÖ..mixing.


5.     Air interleaved or underneath the wood.


6.     Wood arranged, 2-3 pieces of wood with spaces for air. People in bed keeping each other warm.


7.     All combustion to take place in insulated low mass surroundings. Donít lose heat. Donít absorb heat at startup.


8.     Complete combustion at high temperature, then extract heat.


9.     Vertical chimney, insulated and hot provides strong draft, more time for combustion. This is the big secret of the Rocket Stove.


10.††††Air flow passages the same cross section.


11.††††††Feed opening sized for power output of stove. Too large= too much cold air, too little velocity. You need the velocity to keep the flames going up and mixing air.


12.††††††††Dry wood. 2-3 sticks for radiation. After starting, not too much surface area.