Stoves, Fuels and People

ETHOS Meeting, Seattle, January 11-12, 2003

Engineers in Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service

Northwest College, Kirkland, Washington


Don O'Neal, Helps International

Shell Foundation Sustainable Energy Program Grant 2002

Outdoor Stoves Demonstrations
Serious Lectures
Hot Debates

A group of thirty stoves enthusiasts met for a weekend to compare ideas, demonstrate stoves and concepts and plan collective volunteer activities toward stove development and dissemination. Participants included students, individuals and organizations involved in stoves development. Many thanks to Mark Bryden and his family and to Northwest College for hosting the event.

Research from the past year was presented on stove materials (University of Dayton, Ohio), heat exchange models (Iowa State University), air and temperature experiments (Aprovecho). Alternative designs were described and demonstrated. Field experience from Mexico, Central and South America and Africa was described (Aprovecho, Biomass Energy Foundation, GTZ/ProBEC, Helps, Juntos, Peace Corps, Prolena, Rotary International, Solar Energy Asscociation, Trees Water and People, Unafamilia). Stories were told. Needs and interests were identified and work groups were formed for 2003.

A report of the plans and activites will be presented on the ETHOS website. The photos below show some of what was discussed.

Field Tools and Fuels were much discussed Improved Volatile and Char Combustion in stoves and burners Combustion of Volatile Gases with a Charcoal Byproduct in gasifiers
Combustion Chambers included the Rocket Elbow in many forms A Rocket with Air from A Screen Below and natural and forced draft metal gasifiers
Materials included different kinds of insulating firebrick, one that could be cut with a handsaw Fired mixtures of clay and pumice or organic matter Strength and durability was tested for fired brick components
UC Dayton's Anna Andrekanic and Melissa Cruz reported on strength testing
Modular stove segments were cut and cast permitting rapid prototyping like a rocket chamber built to the stack dimensions of Prasad (1991) or fit with a skirt to accept a pot
Metal Stoves included this Juntos natural draft gasifier a forced air Turbo gasifier with fan and a rocket stove for heating a round xumal or for Nixtamal pot (estufa Nixtamal)
Here is a self feeding stove for sticks and an idea for a self feeder for bulk fuels like hulls, husks or sawdust small sticks are constantly fed for good control
Corncobs, paper and wood pellets were gasified Fuel and temperature control were discussed and demonstrated by Damon Ogle
to produce varying amounts of gaseous combustion Primary (underfire)and secondary (overfire)air and the importance of radiant heat from both char and volatile combustion lead to combustion efficiency
Adjustments were made to air for gasifying for turn-it-down , or turn-it-up measurements while stoves were fed with sticks
Foods included beans brought to boil in a pot then kept in a quilt (or "haybox") for an hour and sampled by everyone
Split pea soup was cooked in a pan on a turbo Tom Reed explained and demonstrated Principles of gasification Flame type and color was discussed
Field applications were discussed by all:

Damon and Rogerio Miranda

Patrick Flynn Peter Scott
Jim Wilmes (Unafamilia)

Tom Reed and Don O'Neal Larry Winiarski
Ron Larson Lisa Buttner and Bryan Willson Dean, Rob Bailis, Dana
Paul Anderson, Tami, Rob Jerry Frisch, Larry Winiarski Mark and Tom
Wilfred Pimental, Stuart Conway, Jim, Ken Goyer . . . and panels: Dissemination (Rogerio,Larry, Lisa, Don, Stuart, Tom) ISU's Doug McCorkle, Greg Sommer report on heat transfer modelling
Then Dean got out his CO meter filled bags with hot air sealed the bag
and made "pseudo scientific" measurements which were much debated by health and emissions experts
Dana Charron on health Tami Bond on aerosols and many people who were not photographed (my apologies)
while stoves were fed . . . and fed . . .and fed

Many thanks to all the participants. As they say ,"We will see you all here online and in . . ." ETHOS Summer Camp 2003 in June (in Oregon) and in Central America.

Everyone is invited. Look for announcements on the stoves and ethos email lists.

Tom Miles

February 1, 2003

Photo by Rob Winiarski