Durability of Insulating Firebricks, Ceramic and Clay Cookstoves

Discussion September 2005

Uganda: Insulating Firebrick Stove Onil Stove: Baldosa Tile Combustion Chamber Myanmar: Loa Bucket Stove Malawi: Clay Stove

Q: How are the insulating firebricks, holding up in service?


AID Uganda - Aprovecho, Ken Goyer

Malawi - Aprovecho, Peter Scott

A: Peter Scott, Aprovecho

Durability is an issue. Without a coating some of the bricks are still working after 2 years of daily use ( this is a vermiculite / clay brick that we made) and we are having success wit h the sawdust grog clay brick in Malawi . These are also still in use after a year of service ( Although one prison that we put them in was able to destroy them in two weeks by literally hammering the wood into the combustion chamber!

We have our Malawian team working on a durable coating at the moment.

Lots to experiment with

Here is the latest coating for an insulative brick from Uganda

The coating can actually be porcelain body that matures at 1250C.

This could be coated on the heat face of the brick which can then be fired.

Feldspar 25%

Sand 23%

Kaolin 40%

Ballclay 10%

Whiting 2%

this can be wet milled and coated on one side of the brick. Remember though that this will be vitreous so when parking the kiln the coated side should not touch.

This can be applied to a wet brick so that the brick only needs to be fired once

I have some reports coming out soon that will give more info on our work with ceramics


Q: How are the ceramic tiles, or baldosas, holding up in service?


Onil Stove - HELPS International, Guatemala

Justa Stove - Trees Water and People, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador

Q: How are the ceramic stoves holding up in service?


Ecolenca - Trees Water and People, Honduras Microenterprise Project

Loa Bucket, Loa Kompong Chhnange, Samaki - Cambodia Fuelwood Savings Project

Myanmar: Loa Bucket Stove at Roadside Tea shop in Taunggyi (Manny Hernandez) Myanmar (Hernandez) Myanmar (Hernandez)

Q: How are clay stoves holding up in service?


Mulanje Clay stove - IFSP/GTZ clay Maendeleo Christa Roth


Myanmar: Loa Bucket Stove at Roadside Tea shop in Taunggyi (Manny Hernandez) Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia, CFSP Mulanje, Malawi IFSP/GTZ, Aprovecho

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