Construction of the Institutional Rocket Stove at the Malkerns NCP - Brick and Paver fuel magazine and combustion chamber

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott, Swaziland, November 2005

Dear Friends

This stove will be built at the Malkerns Valley Neighbourhood Care Point, a center for orphans and vulnerable children. NCP's usually cook twice per day using 70 liter cast iron pots.

This example is made using only bricks and pavers which combine nicely to make a 165mm square combustion chamber. It is also for a No. 25 cast iron pot.

The animation shows the fuel magazine, combustion chamber and a cast cement slab that forms the base for the pot support and upper brickwork. The upper section of the stove is not shown in this example.

The purchase price of all the bricks and pavers shown is $15.00. The slab is 40mm thick renforced with diamond mesh wire fence. The animation shows all the parts correctly with a gap for mortar, usually 4 to 5mm.

The file can be viewed with Internet Explorer. If you need a particular view it is possible to deconstruct the file to get one frame to study.

Best regards