Trees, Water and People August 2005

Patrick Flynn, Trees Water and People, August 2005

Stuart Conway receives Ashden Award for Climate Care from HRH Prince Charles
TWP Prolena Ecostove on Massive change Website

Hi all,

I have just returned from five weeks working in Central American and Mexico , and wanted to pass on some exciting news about Trees, Water & People’s activities the past few months.

First, TWP’s International Director, Stuart Conway, won the prestigious Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy, presented by HRH Prince Charles in London .  This is one of the highest honors that TWP’s International Programs could be awarded for our field of work.  Please take a look at the links below for more info about this great award. - TWP press release – Ashedn Awards info about TWP – Ashden Awards website

If any of you are in Chicago this summer or fall, you can head over to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art to see two of the fuel-efficient, healthy stoves that TWP is introducing into Latin America .  TWP was contacted by the Massive Change exhibition in 2004 to take part in this ground-breaking exposition about the future of our planet and how the designs of economies, energy systems and even homes will affect us and future generations. – website of Massive Change – Diagram of different fuel-efficient stoves highlighted by Massive Change – Dates and info about the exhibition in Chicago

You can also find a 15-minute video of TWP’s Fuel-efficient Stove Program in Latin America online at the link below.  You can either view it directly through the website, or download it.  This informational video is a great way for all of you who have asked me what exactly I do, to see exactly what I do. - Webpage with link to download or view the video

Our International Program also led two very successful tours to Central America this year.  Fourteen people participated in our annual Ecotour in February.  Over ten days we showed the participants our projects in both El Salvador and Nicaragua , while also relaxing at some of Central America ’s best ecotour and bird-watching sites.

Just recently, TWP lead another group of ten participants on a 7-day Work Tour to El Salvador .  Over the course of the week we planted 2,500 trees and built two fuel-efficient, healthy stoves with local communities.  After all the work was over, we spent a day visiting a national park and Mayan ruins.  

TWP’s Native Lands Program also has some exciting news.  Besides just receiving the largest private foundation grant in TWP’s history, our Native Lands Program was the cover story for the World Watch Institute’s latest publication. – Copy of the article on TWP’s website

   – Webpage with link to the article if the link above does not work

Lastly, you can learn all about TWP’s programs on our new website (  TWP’s Regional Watershed and Local Programs are also expanding and having wonderful years in 2005, so take a look!

I hope you all have been enjoying summer.  It is so nice being back home and hanging out in my garden.


Pat rick Flynn

Assistant International Director

Trees, Water & People


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Patrick Flynn

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