UGANDA STOVE, April 27, 2002

Emma in Uganda and I have been designing a submerged pot Rocket type stove for the last couple of weeks following her testing of Lorena stoves. Exposing the sides as well as the bottom of the pot(s) to heat does wonders for fuel efficiency. As does using insulative materials between the pot and stove body. In this case, Ken Goyer made insulative fire bricks that left the appropriate small gap around the pots. The combustion chamber, also made from his recipe, is a 12" high cylinder, 5" ID, placed under the first, larger pot.

I tested the prototype today using one pound of wood. The 6.6 pounds of water in the first pot (12" diameter) boiled in ten minutes. Figuring 8,600BTU/pound of wood 40% of the heat either heated water or turned it tosteam.

We've had a great week of sunny, windy weather here in Oregon and it's been very pleasurable to build this stove with Ken and Peter Scott, who is heading to South Africa soon to build similiar type stoves.

Dean Still
April 27, 2002